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We build profitable web and mobile apps that live at the intersection of design and technology.
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美商泰樂科技軟體於2009年由匹茲堡卡內基梅隆大學畢業的技術愛好者和全球冒險家成立。 大學畢業後,從事諮詢和於當地政府的工作。 然而台灣在生活上的便利友善和工程領域的優勢實在強大的令創辦人無法抗拒。 決定將公司設立在台灣,帶來了新的商業模式和西方市場的商業價值。 幾年後,泰樂科技軟體已經發展成為一支由台灣本地人和居住在台灣的外國人組成的75人團隊。 泰樂科技軟體是東西雙方的完美交匯點,帶出了兩者的最佳元素。 我們擁有多個成功的SaaS,互聯網業務,並對未來更多的事業機會感到興奮! 


Taroko was founded in 2009 by technology enthusiasts and global adventurers who graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. After graduating from college, and spending several years working in consulting and government, the allure of Taiwan proved too powerful to resist. The founders relocated to Taipei, Taiwan, and brought their business acumen and Western business values along with them. Several years later, Taroko has grown into a 75-person-strong team comprised of Taiwanese locals and foreign expats living in Taiwan. Taroko is the perfect intersection of the West and the East, bringing out the best elements of both. Taroko boasts multiple successful SaaS, internet businesses and is excited for the many more to come! 

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